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Love can always give us an opportunity

December 23, 26 & 27 (2015)
Teatroa Arriaga Antzokia





“AMOUR”, a play that not only makes us think about the thin line between disaffection and unconditional love in order to get rid of prejudices but also opens the road to the encounter of the different. It is produced by Arriaga Theatre and Marie de Jongh (Tartean Teatroa), coproduced by Basauri Sozial Antzokia and it has the collaboration of Victoria Eugenia Theatre as well.

“Amour” is a spectacle addressed to the whole family. Recommended for children aged 7 or above.



Some children are playing in the country where everything starts. They are discovering the world while they transform their universe. They imitate their elders, bravely and audaciously. They feel able to love despite not knowing the real meaning. They fall out with each other even if they have not found yet the word “hate” in their pockets. They are already familiar with the meaning of the skin, smell, caress, neglect, refuge, and desire. However, they know nothing about what time is.


Suddenly, over sixty years have gone.


Now, aged, they take hundred of words out from their pockets which are dropped as if they were withered leaves. They know about skin, smell, caress, neglect, refuge, desire. And, paradoxically, they have no doubt about falling out with each other even though they already know the real meaning of love. They are familiar with what time is. What they do not know is that love can always give us an opportunity.


AMOUR is an ambitious challenge that pretends to value the plays than can either adults or children enjoy, so that it can be a place where emotions, thoughts, doubts and certainties are shared. Adults’ plays for children and children’s plays for adults.





Written and directed by: Jokin Oregi
Actors: Javier Renobales, Ana Martinez, Ana Meabe, Pablo Ibarluze, Anduriña Zurutuza
Artistic directing, scenographic and dressing design: Elisa Sanz (AAPEE)
Music: Pascal Gaigne
Lighting design: Xabier Lozano
Masks and props: Javier Tirado
Dressing: Nati Ortiz de Zárate and Edurne Ballesteros
Illustration: Ane Pikaza
Sound space: Edu Zalio

Technician on tour: Javier García Kandela
Photography: Guillermo Casas
Management production: TARTEAN Teatroa

Production contact:
Pío Ortiz de Pinedo | (0034) 669 266 146 |
Distribution contact:
María Goiricelaya | (0034) 652 946 184 |
Internacional distribution:
Naia Muñoz |(0034) 658391910 |

Ane Pikaza| (0034) 688 617 712 |


“Marie de Jongh Company has become a reference in theatre for all audiences. It has an unmistakable signature, because of its commitment to gesture, its delicate, moving, and touching stories, and its great quality shows, that have been awarded in international festivals.”
David Barbero


“Delicate work” “It creates in the spectator a sudden urge to smile. And that spontaneous smile doesn´t disappear until Amour ends. The company Marie de Jongh has specialised in theatre for all the family. And this one it is indeed, without avoiding uncommon faces in a watered-down genre. It transforms author´s idea and combines it with the light, the music of Pascal Gaigne, the props, the clothes… to create something beautiful. ‘Amour’ will be remembered. Advisable. New”
Pedro Barea (El Correo)


“A play quite mesmerising for the eyes, in which careful attention has been paid to the colour palette and to stage forms. And to that the beautiful music of Pascal Gaigne is added… It will definitely stand out in children´s theatre offer. “
Roberto Herrero (Diario Vasco)


“Not too long, not too short either. A beautiful tribute to love, to curiosity, to understanding, to love in giving, to live in making. A visual show, with no words, able to move children, young, adults, and seniors, singles, parents, grandparents, without language problems or any barrier. It goes straight to feelings, without tricks, lovingly and in a lively way.”

Ferrán Baile (ASSITEJ España)





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