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Why do you cry, Marie?

Only love can save a child who has known nothing but grief…

“Why do you cry, Marie? “ is a theatrical show for all the family. It combines the performances of two actors with the handling of puppets. With no words and played by these two actors the story narrates the relationship between the owner of a nursery and his employee with a misbehaving baby that they must take care of:  Marie. She is such a naughty baby that she manages to cause conflict amongst the staff and the other children at the nursery. They do their very best to keep the baby under control but finally find out the only thing she needs is just a little bit of affection.





  • Premio FETEN 2008 Mejor Espectáculo




Written and directed by: Jokin Oregi
Actors: Javier Renobales, Ana Meabe
Scenography desing: Eider Eibar
Scenography, atrezzo and dolls: Javier Tirado
Music:  Santiago Ramos
Lighting: Iñaki García
Costume design: Maida Zabala
Tour technician:  Javier García Kandela
Technical support: Jon Chávez
Production assistant: Tarima
Production: Marie de Jongh / TARTEAN Teatroa.
Contact production:
Ane Pikaza | (0034) 688 617 712 |
Contact distribution:
María Goiricelaya | (0034) 652 946 184 |







“A delicate and subtle performance that changed the understanding and sensitivity of parents and children”
José Antonio Triguero (Mi yo espectador)

“A performance with a strong emotional atmosphere where he goes discovering with intelligence a story which keeps a reflection about the ill-treated, the frustration and fears.”
Irune Larruzea (ARTEZ magazine)

“A show with no words with an intense emotional atmosphere, magnificient tinged with a touch of humour and tenderness at the appropiate moment”
Ferrán Baile (Spanish association of theatre for the infance and youngsters)





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