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Beloved daughter

Life is better if we have each and every one of us

Laida is four months pregnant. Both, she and her partner, Martin, experience the pregnancy with extraordinary excitement. They are constantly imagining what life will be like once the baby is born. In fact, they have already transformed the house with multiple objects for their future daughter. Happiness would be complete if it was not for one tiny problem: Laida’s father lives with them in the same house. Old Tomas is a surly and cantankerous man who always seems to be angry, whiny, jealous, sometimes childlike, and almost always mischievous.

However, one day everything changes. Laida loses the baby. Martin and she are shattered, especially Laida who cannot overcome the pain; far from facing reality, she becomes a helpless broken child. That’s when Tomas, her father, noticing the suffering of his beloved daughter, decides to bring out the best of him to help her. He tries his best, with all his tenderness, and all his imagination.





Artistic team

Written and directed by: Jokin Oregi
Actors: Javier Renobales, Ana Meabe, Jose Ramón Soroiz
Artistic design: José Ibarrola
Scenography, atrezzo and dolls: Javier Tirado
Music: Santiago Ramos
Costume design: Mayda Zabala
Lighting: Milakamoon
Technical support: Tarima
Tour technician: Bea Santolaya
Graphic desing: Txapó creativos
Production: Marie de Jongh / TARTEAN Teatroa
Contact production:
Ane Pikaza | (0034) 688 617 712 |
Contact distribution:
María Goiricelaya | (0034) 652 946 184 |



“A theater of the everyday, a theatre of emotions, again a little masterpiece. Without any need for words, with a perfect script, impeccably careful staging, and with an exquisite and precise interpretation of these three big actors: Ana Meabe and Javier Renobales, joined by another great actor, José Ramón Soroiz. Jokin Oregi, author and director of the play, once again shows us he is one of the great present-day creators, possessing a great sensitivity capable of making shows that thrill and move both little 5 to 6 year-olds, a demonstrated fact, as well as adolescents, youngsters and adults of all ages. Do not miss it.”

Ferran Baile i Llavería (



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